Guns, Terrorism, and McDonalds

Liberals want to ban guns. Conservatives want to ban immigrants from Muslim countries. Both sides are willing to sacrifice civil liberties and basic freedoms to obtain some illusive state of safety, and assuage their irrational fears that somehow, either of these strategies will make any sort of difference.

Nobody seems to like facts or numbers, as these would challenge their near religiously held beliefs, and create an unbearable cognitive dissonance that can only be combatted with emotional denial.

For instance, it seems that every day we have another “mass shooting.” It is no longer safe to go to school, a concert, or a movie without becoming a target of an AR-15 wielding sociopath. Our children are at risk, and we need drastic new gun control laws to limit access to “assault weapons.” The 2nd Amendment is obsolete.

Conversely, America is at risk from a scourge of foreign-born, Islamic terrorists, who’s sole purpose is to defeat Christianity, and install Sharia law. Suicide bombers are amongst us, and tough, unconstitutional restrictions are necessary to keep us safe.

Well, a quick visit to the CDS website reveals a couple of uncomfortable truths for both camps. Source:

The top ten causes of death in the United States account for 75% of 2.6 million total deaths annually. Nowhere on this list can you find anything to do with AR-15s or Jihad! Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even suicide, but violent crime doesn’t even register!

Of the roughly 30,000 gun deaths each year in the US, 20,000 are suicide. Others are accidental. Of the less-than 10,000 homicides committed each year, less than one percent can be attributed to “long-rifles.” The AR-15 is responsible for an even smaller number. Basically, if you were to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and somehow rid the streets of all guns, you wouldn’t even affect average life expectancy in the US.

When it comes to radical Islam, the numbers are even less compelling. Since 9/11, and average of 1 person has been killed each year due to foreign-born terrorists. More people are killed each year by toddlers or even furniture than by terrorists from the Middle East! Yet, we spend billions of dollars each year to protect us from a largely non-existent threat; Walls, Muslim bans, extreme vetting etc., not to mention the attacks on basic civil liberties including unwarranted surveillance, and illegal checkpoints.

What really kills Americans? Lifestyle. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can be attributed, largely, to our diet and sedentary lifestyle. We kill ourselves. So, if there is a movement that needs to take place, we need to march outside of the McDonalds headquarters. How about a demonstration in front of Coca-Cola? How about punitive legislation against Television, couch, and car manufactures? How about companies that force their workers to sit at a desk all day?

Sadly, news organizations who sell advertising by pushing false narratives of unwarranted fear couldn’t create the necessary sensationalism. School shootings and improvised explosives attract more eyeballs than a fat dude going into cardiac arrest in the emergency room, or a diabetic having a foot amputated.



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