The ethics of fear

“Every human thought word or deed is based in one emotion or the other (fear or love).  You have no choice about this because there is nothing else from which to choose. But – you have free choice about which one of these to select.” ~Neale Donald Walsch The overutilization of fear in the fields of advertising […]

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I can’t remember where I heard this, but I thought it was rather profound. People do things for only two reasons: fear or love. A person only takes action if they love to do something, or they fear the consequences if they don’t. I would offer up a third option which would be a combination […]

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Fake News

How does one define fake news? If a focus group were convened to address this question, the number of answers would likely equal the number of participants. Depending on one’s political leanings, a particular story could be gospel, or an attempt by the “mainstream media” to slander and discredit a beloved political figure. In a […]

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Pornography Saved my Life

I believe it was the summer before 7th grade that I discovered how to jerk off. I was over at the neighbor’s house, and they were watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High back when HBO was a box on your TV. The scene where Phoebe Cates gets out of the pool, combined unfamiliar hormones, and […]

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The “N” Word and the Holocaust

Most people who have never been to New York State think it all looks like Time Square; a huge, sprawling metropolis of sky-scrapers, neon lights, and populated by a diverse group of liberal elitists, and Hillary voters.  They are surprised to learn that if NYC and Long Island are removed, the state consists of corn […]

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Legalize Heroin Already

It seems that every day, on every news outlet, there is a reference to the growing “opioid epidemic.” The proposed solutions are far-ranging, depending on one’s political leanings. The Left proposes increasing treatment options and needle exchanges while the Right believes an escalation in the already failed and immoral war on drugs will somehow reduce […]

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Guns, Terrorism, and McDonalds

Liberals want to ban guns. Conservatives want to ban immigrants from Muslim countries. Both sides are willing to sacrifice civil liberties and basic freedoms to obtain some illusive state of safety, and assuage their irrational fears that somehow, either of these strategies will make any sort of difference. Nobody seems to like facts or numbers, […]

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